Residential Site Plans

Residential site plans may be required for building permits or may be desired for a number of reasons even when not required. Plans that may be required for building permits include Home Site Placement Plan, Mountain Protection Plan, Land Disturbance Plan, Septic System Plan (see section on septic system design), and Erosion Control Plan (see section on erosion control plans). The requirements for these plans have varied reasoning and history.

Many architects and master builders will require a site plan, often also called a Plot Plan, in order to better plan the function, appeal, and expense of building a house. Prudent planning before construction costs can save many thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses in such areas as retaining walls, foundation walls, driveway construction, and grading. An accurate topographic survey combined with the architectural plans of the home can produce a tremendous planning tool when preparing to design a home. It is not uncommon for the site planning process to discover problems that would otherwise have been discovered after construction began.

Experienced professional builders know that extra planning such as a thorough site plan that is prepared before construction can save both time and money over the course of a project. Mark Chastain grew up around the building industry as the son of a second generation master builder. He holds a valid Georgia Residential/Light Construction Contractor's license and knows how things are supposed to fit on the ground, not just on paper.

Since local requirements and individual preferences for residential site plans can vary case by case, the costs can also. If you are interested in having Chastain & Associates prepare a residential site plan, please contact us with some basic information, and we'll take it from there. We can also perform a complete property evaluation.