Property Disputes - Boundary Disputes

Unfortunately, neighbors don't always agree with each other. Sometimes these disputes pertain to property lines or property rights, such as set-back violations or storm water run-off. Most property disputes involve a distinct disagreement about the location of a property line. We have many years of experience in successfully working with attorneys and property owners for resolving property disputes. While most are settled out of court through negotiation or mediation, several wind up going to court. When it gets to that point, you want to be sure that you've engaged an experienced professional who won't let you down on the witness stand.

Mark Chastain has been involved as a subject matter expert in property disputes in Gilmer County Georgia, Fannin County Georgia, Polk County Tennessee, Cherokee County North Carolina, Union County Georgia, Murray County Georgia, Whitfield County Georgia, Dawson County Georgia, Lumpkin County Georgia, Pickens County Georgia, and Forsyth County Georgia. In all, he has been admitted and tendered in trials or hearings as an expert witness 14 times since 1997 and given several depositions. We have also been involved in dozens of other cases which were settled or are still waiting to be tried. The most recent notable case was Bruce vs. Jones & Long in which case Chastain & Associates prepared a boundary survey which identified a disputed area. Our survey was ruled as correct in Fannin County Superior Court. The case was later appealed and upheld by the Georgia Supreme Court.

The most important aspect of expert witness consulting, which includes the land survey of the dispute, is to fully understand and research the situation. This may require extensive courthouse research, intensive field surveying, and sorting out a complex mathematical situation of conflicting deed elements. The most important and beneficial product of our work is accuracy. If you have a strong winning case, you may want to proceed boldly, and feel less inclined to settle. However, if there are weaknesses in your case or position, it is far better to find them out through a private exercise than in a loosing verdict in court.

If you would like to discuss your property dispute situation with us confidentially, give us a call today.