Construction Layout

Chastain & Associates, P.C. has the experience and equipment to meet all of your construction staking and lay-out needs. Construction staking can include some or all of the aspects of clearing, grading, curb and gutter, structural renovations, bridge construction, water mains, sewer lines, land fill cells, storm drainage structures and new building construction. Successful lay-out of a site requires a careful blend of communication, skill, and scheduling. Without all three components being in place, the other two loose their effect.

Through years of experience we understand how important it is for the grading contractor or machine operator to understand what the stakes mean. We go to extra means to avoid the commonly encountered miscommunication of a grade being set to sub-grade instead of final grade, or an offset stake being misunderstood to be a building corner. Before beginning a project, we discuss the format and expectations with both the owner and grader. We take great pride when our projects run from beginning to completion seamlessly.

Grade Stake

We have a broad range of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial lay-out projects. Residential lay-out may be as simple as situating a house on a lot to minimize foundation costs to laying out a large country estate. We have laid out commercial projects that range from adding a few parking spaces to banks and shopping centers. Some of our more interesting projects have been bridge construction and rock quarry expansion. Each project requires a different technological approach. We typically use total stations and radial staking, differential leveling, GPS positioning, base lines and station & offset systems.

One of the most important aspects of a construction staking project is to have the stakes there when they are needed. Delays can cost contractors and owners valuable time and money. Some times the next stage of construction can't be staked until the last one is completed. We work very closely with site superintendants and contractors to make sure that we get to work as soon as the site is ready for us when time is crucial. Our clients have frequently called to compliment the crew on having things in place when they were needed and without delay or confusion. Give us a call today if we can help lay out your project.